Tuesday, December 9, 2008

How it all began

I LOVE interior design!!! I am into all things crafty, love moving around my furniture, and sewing new drapes and throw pillows. To my husbands great dismay, I am obsessed with HGTV!!! I inherited this from my mother. As a child on a regular basis mom would have me and my 9 siblings spend the weekend switching our rooms around. I remember vividly the first, and only? time, I had a room to myself. Mom and I worked hard to come up with a design plan and the purple masterpiece was born. The room was white with a purple 6 inch stripe painted just below the ceiling all the way around the room. There was the purple reversable comforter and numerous throw pillows in every shade of lavender and lilac imaginable, and to top it all off, a multitude of purple mobiles hanging from the ceiling. I was in little girl heaven.

This is not the only talent or obsession I inherited from my parents. My entire childhood my father owned a sign business. The smell of drafting markers and welded metal make me think of my childhood, the way most people are affected by homemade bread or chocolate chip cookies. I grew up in a sign shop and started weeding vinyl for my Dad when I was 10. When I went away to college and needed a job to support myself I found myself in the vinyl department at a local sign shop. This is where I met my DH. Brady is a graphic artist by training and is now a design and programming consultant.

About 2 years ago my childhood obsessions collided. I was at the cutest home decor store, preparing to spend way too much money when I saw the cutest thing. It was a quote on the wall that had been stenciled by someone with incredible talent. The store keeper corrected me, "It's actually vinyl." Sure enough, I got a little closer, and it was in fact vinyl. I chided myself that I had never thought of doing that. What a great idea, and I asked about the price of a quote. Boy was I surprised!! $20 for a small quote about 12" long. That can't be right, I know how much vinyl cost, and that ain't it. Sure there are other expenses, a vinyl plotter, time and experience in weeding, a designer who knows what they are doing, but $20? Always the bargain hunter I decided to look around. And I was surprised at the going rate. I had all these great ideas for vinyl I wanted around my house, in my children's room, for gifts... and there was no way I could pay those prices.

This is when my entrepreneurial bug, (also inherited from my father) kicked in. I would buy my own plotter, order up a couple rolls of vinyl, and make my own stuff. If I could just do a couple parties with friends it'll pay for itself. And sure enough it did. I jumped right in with 2 feet. I love being able to combine my 2 great passions, and provide a low cost alternative to so many other vinyl suppliers. I think EVERYONE should be able to express themselves through their homes and not have to pay so much they are committed to that expression for the rest of their lives.

So hence was born BushCreative!!! I sure hope you appreciate my creations. These are just some of my work. I can do anything custom that you have in mind to accentuate your home.

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