Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Time for another giveaway!!!

I am loving my Etsy business. It is doing quite well with a couple orders a day, and I owe it all to you guys for your support and for passing this on to others. I've added some new products and want to thank everyone who has helped get my Etsy store noticed.
So heres the deal- pass on my Etsy store to 5 friends, and you can buy one item get one 1/2 price. Just mention this giveaway when ordering, and pay only 1/2 price of the lesser of the 2 items when paying on PayPal.
(this is one of those integrity things!! lol)
(Disclaimer: Buy one get one free offer good til April 20th, 2009 One offer per customer!!)
So pass it on and get free stuff. Thanks, Amanda

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